A selection from the portfolio of prints by Enrique Brinkmann (1934)

Serie MMX- 5 

Maraña II (Weiß) 

Serie Barcelona X 

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Biographical note

Born on 9 October 1934 in Málaga (Spain), in the same block as Picasso 1881 (by the way also in October, on 25th). His artistic talent has been evident from an early age; he likes to draw, paint and read (Dostojewski). He discontinued his studies ("perito industrial") relatively quickly and devoted himself exclusively to art, as an autodidact. With success. His first solo exhibition at the age of 19, he founds the "Grupo Picasso" with other artists. After his military service (1959/1960) he emigrated to Hilden (Germany), where he worked in a factory, but was expelled from the country due to a missing residence permit.
1961 he returns to Cologne. Due to the success of an exhibition at Galerie Boisseree, he can devote himself exclusively to art. He made contact with Vostell, with the Fluxus group and is a friend of Cornelius Cardew. Later he moved to Berlin and from there to Rome (1964).
In 1966 he returned to Malaga. In 1969 he marries a German woman with whom he has two children.
His work is becoming more and more popular, both nationally and internationally, the list of trade fairs, exhibitions and art prizes is simply too long, we prefer to refer to his homepage for details.

Enrique lives between his hometown Málaga and his second studio in Madrid, also in a house steeped in history: it was the house of Cervantes.

In our opinion, Enrique Brinkmann is not only a gifted artist who, far from the hustle and bustle of the art market, has pioneered a path that all critics have unanimously acknowledged as unique and outstanding. His style, settled in Informel, has developed over the years, there is no standstill, despite success it is always "Continue !". His painting technique is also subject to evolution, his speciality - oil on metal lattice - is heading straight for perfection.
As a convinced (and gifted) etcher - two state prizes bear witness to a very high level - he often devotes more time to his prints than paintings, the obsession with detail can hardly be guessed in the digital image. The high precision, the high quality and the artistic straightforwardness and balance make these works unique.

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