A selection from the portfolio of prints by  Fernando Bellver

Suite "Caballos": Lichtenstein

Suite "Coches": Chevrolet según Katz (MinnieMouse)


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Biographical note

Fernando Bellver (26 October 1954 in Madrid) is - according to him - an "aging but not an adult man". Educated, friendly, refreshingly humorous, but also critical and doesn't mince matters. He is an artist and lives his profession with all gratitude toward his collectors. (Have you heard that from an artist before?) His freshness, his cheeky work and the rather low price level make him one of Spain's most popular artists. He defines himself as a post-dadaist, and textually told me: "I'm taking elements that don't make sense to be separated, but they don't make sense together either. But they are very beautiful."

His family can look back on a centuries-old artistic tradition that began in the 13th century in Bellver (a small village in the Pyrenees) and produced many sculptors and woodcarvers. In the 16th century, the Bellvers were called to Madrid to lead the San Fernando Academy after Goya's death. Other famous family members of recent history are the sculptors Ricardo Bellver and Francisco Bellver y Collazos.
In 1967 he began his 5-year apprenticeship in drawing and sculpture, in 1972 he already made his first solo exhibition. He earns his living with illustrations. 1976 he learns the technique of etching under the direction of Dimitri Papageorgio. Longer stays abroad (Norway, Italy) strengthen his internationalisation and the desire to travel. The printing workshop "Mayor 28", which he co-founded in Madrid, was appreciated and used by many well-known artists.
His travel has taught him a lot, brought him much inspiration, but he has also taught a lot: in different countries of South America he has helped local artists to print workshops and taught them the print techniques.
His travels have taken him to all corners of the world, with Egypt and Japan playing a special role, and Asian art is becoming increasingly important to him.
His works are represented in many international museums (see open.CR)

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